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What are At-Home Lab Testing tests?

An At-Home Lab Testing test consists of a testing kit that contains all the necessary items to collect your own blood – through a finger prick – at home based on a given parameter.

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How do At-Home Lab testing tests work?

At-Home Lab testing tests are available in our online store for purchase.

  • Order the test online at: athomelabtesting.pt
  • Receive the kit at home with all the elements necessary to carry out the test
  • Take your own blood at home with a finger prick
  • Schedule the collection of the kit with the blood sample at home or leave it at a collection point
  • The kit is sent to the clinical analysis laboratory where the analysis will be carried out with the same rigor and quality as the analyzes carried out in the national health service and requested by a health professional
  • Wait for the result in your email within 24h to 48h after sending the sample
  • Please wait for a call from our healthcare professional if you have any questions regarding the result.

Which tests are available?

We currently have several test parameters that can be carried out in the categories of Women's Health , Men's Health and Wellbeing .

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How to choose which test to perform?

In our online store you can find all available tests. On each test page, you can see all the information about the test, from the description, the parameters tested, what is included in the test kit, when to test a certain parameter and who it is for. At-Home Lab Testing tests can be performed without a doctor's prescription, but you can consult your doctor to understand which test you should perform for your specific condition.

Is a doctor's prescription necessary to perform the test?

All At-Home Lab Testing tests can be performed without a doctor's prescription. To carry out a test, you must choose the desired test and complete the order online.

How to order a test?

You can order a test through our online store athomelabtesting.pt

Fill in the requested data and complete the purchase. After placing your order, the kit will be delivered to the indicated address. Inside the kit there is a pre-paid envelope with which you must send the kit to the analysis laboratory.

When should I take the test?

The test must be carried out during the morning between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and sent on the same day by 1 pm.

Some tests/parameters require additional preparation, such as fasting for 8 hours. Always confirm this information before performing the test.

How to collect the blood sample?

Before starting to collect the sample, you must activate your kit at athomelabtesting.pt .

For better results and some tips, see the video at: ttps://www.biosurfit.com/video/athomelabtesting.mp4

All instructions and steps to perform a test are in the guide inside the kit box.

Tips for successful sample collection:

  • Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water 30 minutes before harvesting
  • Do some warm-up exercises for your hands
  • Rinse your hands in warm water for a while until they feel warm.

All these steps will help blood collection to be carried out in the best way possible.


Place all the test kit elements on a table and prepare the tube so that it is ready to collect blood from the finger.

Preferably choose your ring finger to perform the finger prick. Clean your finger with the alcohol wipe provided in the kit and as soon as it dries, perform the prick with lancet.

Wipe off the first drop of blood, do a gentle massage to release the drops of blood directly into the blood collection tube. Do not squeeze your finger too much as this can damage blood cells. If you are unable to fill the entire tube, you can prick another finger of your choice.

After filling the tube completely, seal it until you hear a click.

Gently invert the tube up and down 10 times. This will allow the preservation components to join the blood without damaging the cells.

Finally, identify the tube with the label provided in the kit.

The tube is ready to be sent to the laboratory following the remaining steps indicated in the instructions.

What to do after the blood collection?

After collecting the sample, the kit must be sent on the same day to the laboratory using the pre-paid envelope inside the kit.

To send the kit, follow the instructions provided in the quick guide. There you can find all the available locations to drop the box or schedule a collection at the address you wish. The kit must be delivered or a collection scheduled by 1pm.

Important : The kit must be sent to the laboratory on the same day that the sample is collected.

How do I receive my results?

The results are sent within 24h to 48h by email.
You will receive an email with a clinical bulletin where you can view your test results. If you wish, after the results, you can schedule a call with one of our healthcare professionals who can answer any questions.

I was unable to fill the tube mark, what should I do?

It is important to ensure that the tube contains the entire sample indicated in the test instructions. If you are unable to fill the entire tube with just one finger prick, you can perform a new prick by choosing another finger for this purpose. If you are still unable to fill the entire tube, you can contact us so that our support team can provide the best advice.

Send us an email ajuda@athomelabtesting.pt .

How accurate and reliable are my results?

The partner laboratory for carrying out the tests is certified by the Health Regulatory Authority (ERS), which means that it operates according to criteria of precision, reliability and excellence for carrying out clinical analyses. The laboratory undergoes rigorous certification and control tests so that it can provide the highest level of service.

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Could my results be different from another laboratory?

Our results are accurate and reliable, more information about our laboratory here .

The collection method for At-Home Lab testing is capillary – through a finger prick.

Some of the tests available at athomelabtesting.pt may be carried out in other laboratories through traditional (venous) collection.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the result of your test, please contact us via email: ajuda@athomelabtesting.pt .